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Friday, November 18, 2011

Jacie Jo's Tye-Dye Cake

Jacie Jo wanted a tye-dye cake. Okay. How in this world do you make a tye-dye cake?! That was our thoughts, too, but she knew exactly what she wanted, down to all the colors, writing, and every little detail. What else were we gonna do? We just have to make our "special customers" (family) happy. So we decided to make 65 servings with the bottom tier two layers of yellow, or butter, cake, and the top tier two layers of dark chocolate cake. The entire cake was iced with buttercream and then topped with Fluff (our newest icing that is WONDERFUL!!) and then hand-painted in a tye-dye pattern. The banners are made from modeling chocolate and the #8 is grape-flavored modeling chocolate (another request from Miss Jacie Jo). I know "grape" and "chocolate" are not two flavors you, or anyone would put together, but it works, and well, I add. It tasted like grape taffy, but just melted faster. The kids loved it!

This shows the tye-dye on the top of the cake a little better.

Jacie Jo is posing for her blog appearance.

We love you so much, silly girl! Happy birthday!

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