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Monday, January 30, 2012

Alabama #1 - Will #8

Will is such an Alabama fan that celebrating with an Alabama cake was a must. This is a yellow cake with buttercream icing, the stripes, "A's", and tear pieces are made from our modeling chocolate and the football is rice krispie treats covered with modeling chocolate. This serves 40. Happy 8th birthday, Will!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Peace, McKenzie!

Two layers of vanilla cake with buttercream icing helped to make this birthday girl happy. The peace sign is made from our modeling chocolate and the cake serves 25. The cake also has buttercream peace signs in various sizes all around the sides of the cake. Thanks Becky and happy birthday McKenzie!

Sweet McKenzie

Backyard Fun!

Ah, grandchildren! Well Katie Beth wanted her backyard again this year. She is a unique thinker and has a lot of spirit, which I love about her. She wanted a double-decker chocolate chip cookie with buttercream icing in between. The top was also iced with buttercream icing and all detail work out of modeling chocolate. Well, except for the fountain, which was krispie treats covered with icing and the handles and diving board were the only thing not edible. Okay Katie, can't wait for your ideas next year! Happy Birthday! Love you so, so much!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

And we have a winner...

Thanks, guys for playing along with the M&M guesses. It was so fun to see the range of guesses and we were floored with the number of people that put in their guess. Since we didn't actually say whether you could go over the number of M&M's we used or not, we decided to reward both the closest without going over, and the closest that did go just over. We actually used a staggering 2,133 M&M's on Tabitha and Warren's wedding cake, which were all placed on by hand one at a time. So, without stalling any longer, the winners are: Shelia Traweek, with a guess of 2,035, and Millie Miller, with our closest guess of 2,196. Thank you girls, and we'll be in touch! We hope you enjoy the cupcakes!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sweet 16

This is a two layer vanilla cake with buttercream icing. The decorations are made from our modeling chocolate. This cake serves about 32. Thanks Ginny and Happy Birthday Lexus!