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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

M&M Wedding Cake

Okay, where do I start? This started out to be, or so we thought, a simple and easy cake. The top picture is the first time we set it up. Two layers in each tier with four tiers starting out on the bottom tier with vanilla cake and the next one chocolate, the next one vanilla and so on. Four and a half hours of putting on M&M's and the job was done (or so we thought). About two hours or so later we got a call with the news that the cake was leaning, badly, and in danger of toppling over. In horror we went to the church and found the bride and grandmother of the bride holding the cake up!
Oh no!!! We had to take the cake completely apart and start over. The bottom two tiers were crumbled beyond use and so it was back to the kitchen to start cooking at midnight, the night before the wedding. We had alot of help with the M&M's from the bride and her family. You see, these were special ordered and had to be wiped off and put back on the cake.
Our second attempt with the cake, it started leaning again and we had to take it apart again. The third time we got it put together, we had to unstack the tiers and regroup. Okay, by this time we were pretty stressed and we can't imagine how the bride felt down deep, although she assured us she was okay. And if you know Tabitha, she has an amazing way of handling stress, she lets it roll off her like water on a ducks back. She is the most happy-go-lucky young woman we know and we love that about her.
Fourth time on the cake and we had to say goodbye to the bottom tier and settle for a three tier cake. We sliced up the bottom tier and got that part of the cake ready to serve. So even though they didn't get to have their pictures made with the original cake, Warren and Tabitha were so sweet to us. It was their big day and instead of stressing out, they wanted to make sure we were okay. They are young and already showing alot of patience. This cake (four tiers), served 138. Thanks to all those who helped us with the 911 cake emergency, we love ya'll lots.
Oh, the only thing we could come up with as far as the cake falling is that the table may not have been level and maybe the M&M's were too heavy (4 lbs total). And maybe neither of these, we just don't know.

CONTEST TIME: Just for the sake of doing it, we are giving those who want to participate, a chance to guess how many M&M's are on the wedding cake and the keepsake cake for the bride (total). The closest guess will be treated to a dozen cupcakes, on the house. Good luck! Guesses must be made by January 4, 2012, and cupcakes must be picked up on January 6, 2012. Please be sure to send us an email or message us on Facebook, but if you choose to post in the comments here on the blog, make sure we can get back in touch with you in case you are the winner.


  1. i would take a guess but it would not be fair since two of our sweet grandaughters decided to share the answer with me.
    imagine that!

  2. WOW! You're kidding, right?! Haha. I can't say that I'm even a little surprised. Gotta love them little munchkins.

  3. I'll take a guess! 600??

  4. I know I'm late for guessing, but for the fun wanted to submit a guess....1700? It looks like a bunch, but most importantly, it looks delicious and so unique! Much patience, I'm sure.

  5. 2500? Please let me know I am making a two tier for my godchild's sweet 16 and ordered 4lbs I am hoping that I have enough

  6. There were 2,133 M&M's on this wedding cake. Thanks for guessing, guys!