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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Camo Cake

Hunter is crazy about hunting and anything pertaining to hunting. I think he'd rather go hunting than have a birthday party. So this is for his love of his favorite outdoor sport. This is a chocolate cake with buttercream icing with the deer made from our modeling chocolate. Happy Birthday Hunter! Serves 25.

Fall Festival

A small cake for the Fall Festival in our home town is decorated for the season. This is a vanilla cake with buttercream icing and serves 25 paople.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Birthdays, Zombies, and Halloween

Aleigh and Averee, sister and brother, celebrated their birthdays together this year with a Halloween theme. Averee, at the top, was 4 years old and wanted a Zombie cake and Aleigh, at the bottom, was 7 years old  and wanted ghosts, bats and pumpkins with a girly twist.
Averee's cake is a chocolate cake with buttercream icing and the tombstones around the cake are chocolate molds. The bats are made of our modeling chocolate  and the cake is dusted with orange sprinkles. This cake serves 25 people.
Aleigh's cake is a two layered, two tiered vanilla cake with buttercream icing. The word BOO, the ghosts, bats, pumpkins, polka dots and curly-ques are made of our modeling chocolate. This cake serves 40 people.
Happy Birthday Aleigh and Averee and thanks Ashley!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Justin Bieber Cake

What young girl doesn't like Justin Bieber? Cassidy is a big fan and what better way to have him at her party than on her cake. This is a chocolate cake with buttercream icing and serves 25 people. Thanks Linda Ann and Happy Birthday Cassidy!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Minnie Mouse

Anna Raley loves Minnie Mouse but not getting her picture taken, which is perfectly fine. This is a vanilla cake with buttercream icing with all the detail made from fondant, and serves about 40. Also three dozen Minnie  and Mickey cookies made from our butter recipe and iced in royal icing were so cute beside the cake. Thanks Tasha and Happy Birthday Anna Raley! We love you!

Nightmare Before Christmas

This bride and groom has their own unique way of celebrating the beginning of their future together. We've never seen this particular movie but our goal was to make the couple happy and at the same time bring an element that was simple yet elegant. This two layered three tiered cake is red velvet with cream cheese icing and scroll work done in black. Serves 116.
Thank you Rachael, and congratulations on the new son-in -law.