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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Colin is 1-Carson is 3

Three birthday celebrations in Georgia in one weekend, and it was awesome. Kimberly and Cory decided to have a combo party for Colin and Carson since they were both born in August. What better way to celebrate than with a baseball theme. If there ever was a dedicated fan for the Atlanta Braves it's Carson. He's just 3 but he can tell you about the team players and sit with his daddy and watch them play every day of the week if they played that often. And just wait until Carson starts teaching his little brother how to play and who's who on the the Braves roster. For Carson's 3rd birthday and Colin's 1st birthday, we made 75 servings of dark chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream icing. The jersey. home plate, and baseball are made from our fluff and the grass with buttercream icing.

Colin's smash cake is in keeping with the theme of baseball and he dove right into it. He wasn't as interested in eating it by himself as he was sharing it with their two dogs Chase and Haley. So cute! He has the most lusious lips, and they both have beautiful blue eyes! Happy Birthday Colin and Carson, we love you!!!! Great job Kimberly, we had a great time.

Evan is 1

Evan, Zach and Becca's little fella and our 8th grandchild, celebrated his 1st birthday in Georgia, with a pool party. Everything was decorated so cute! This cake is about 65 servings of vanilla cake with buttercream icing. The bottom tier is covered with multi-colored stripes and border made from fluff. The #1 and anchor on top are made from modeling chocolate and the small cake is Evan's smash cake and boy did he tear into it. I didn't get a pic of him but I will have one later when I get one from Becca. He was so cute. Never have I seen a littlin' tear into a cake and not care about the mess. He didn't just tear into it, he devoured it. Zach had to catch his head turned and sneak it away from him. Needless to say he's a big fan of our cakes! Happy Birthday Evan, we love you so much!

Clark Reception Cake

Heather and Skylar's reception cake was just what the bride ordered, nothing fancy for a country themed party. 100 servings of vanilla cake with buttercream icing and 50 servings of dark chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream icing. The decorations are made of  modeling chocolate. Congrats to my daughter and our new son-in-law, we love you bunches!

Paisley and Chocolate

25 servings of dark chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream icing. All decorations are made of buttercream icing. Happy Birthday to my niece Tracy and kudos to her sister Donna for transporting it all the way to Virginia in tact, good job!(12 hour trip)

Aw!!! 50 - the new 40!

This is a yellow cake with buttercream icing and all decorations are made from buttercream icing. Serves 25. Happy Birthday Sandy! We love you!!!