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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Drew's Wedding

The Crimson Tide has so many fans it's ridiculous! Yet another houndstooth cake for another Alabama fan. Drew and Miranda exchanged vows Friday, September 21th at Jean's on the River in Carbon Hill and he wanted Bear Bryant's houndstooth hat and so this is how it turned out. This is a red velvet cake with cream cheese icing and the houndstooth and feather are made from our modeling chocolate. If I have calculated it right there are 263 houndstooth pieces on this cake. It was a big hit with the bride and groom and so glad they loved it. Serves about 50. Congratulations Drew and Miranda! Hope your life is filled with richness of love and an abundance of happiness. We love you both. Good job Darlene with the decorations of his table, it looked great.

Pantry Shower for Heather & Skylar

Over looked this picture of Heather and Skylar's shower cake, in part because the pics were  not made on my camera and so I forgot about this one until I borrowed Heather's camera and viola, there it was. This is just a vanilla cake with buttercream icing and serves 40. Congrats to my daughter and her husband Skylar, he's a wonderful addition to our family and we love them both.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Clayton's Wedding

Clayton was very specific on how he wanted his cake to look and ta-da! He wanted red velvet cake with cream cheese icing, houndstooth all around,except for the top layer, "A" and elephant on top. You talk about nervous...whew! It's almost like an M&M cake where each one goes on one at a time. Oh wait, there was an M&M cake and it was for Tabitha, Clayton's  first cousin. I think there's a conspiracy amongst that crew to pick out cakes with tiny details.(lol) When I mentioned that, the comment was made,'Oh we just like your company'. Ain't that sweet or what. We love ya'll too!! This cakes' decorations are all made from modeling chocolate and there are 351 houndstooth pieces on this cake. The elephant is a keepsake from his mom, Jane. Serves about 172. The wedding was gorgeous and very proud for both Clayton and Brittany. Congratulations!!!

Princess Kendall

Kendall is 4!!!! Well, on the 24th she will be but we celebrated the 15th and Misty, Shawn, Carly, and Katie did an awesome job with the decorations. Misty gives Pinterest the credit though for the ideas. But Misty it's one thing to see the idea and quite another to follow through. Ya'll did good! This of course is a cake with many princesses present. Can you guess who they are? This is a vanilla cake with buttercream icing, covered with fluff. The bow, sea shells, lily, and crown are made from our modeling chocolate. Kendall also had Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, and Snow White show up and they told stories, painted nails, did make-up and also their hair, They got the royal treatment. This serves about 72. Happy Birthday Kendall!!! We love you so, so much! Also 40 Princess Crown butter cookies.

Circus in Berry


This is a strawberry cake with buttercream icing. Hayden's first birthday and Caitlin wanted it to be very special of course and I love the colors. Covered with fluff, this three tiered cake serves about 82. The very top is left over fluff and modeling chocolate covered. Happy Birthday Hayden!

Princess for a Day!

This is the cake that I didn't make, well, except for the chocolate cake on top. I actually bought may ask why? Cause I forgot about this one until the day of the party. I cried because I was gonna be the one person that MESSED up a little girls celebration and I couldn't bear it. So I asked them to give me an hour or hour and a half and they did very graciously. Off I went to the grocery store, then purchased the disney princesses to decorate with and back home I went. I happened to have two 6 inch chocolate cakes already baked and so I added one to the top and iced it, trimmed it and called for them to pick up her cake. They were so good to me and I really appreciate it, you can imagine how bad I felt. Happy Birthday Lori!!! Thanks Ginny, Ginger, Kevin and Lexi!