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Friday, November 18, 2011

Jacie Jo's Tye-Dye Cake

Jacie Jo wanted a tye-dye cake. Okay. How in this world do you make a tye-dye cake?! That was our thoughts, too, but she knew exactly what she wanted, down to all the colors, writing, and every little detail. What else were we gonna do? We just have to make our "special customers" (family) happy. So we decided to make 65 servings with the bottom tier two layers of yellow, or butter, cake, and the top tier two layers of dark chocolate cake. The entire cake was iced with buttercream and then topped with Fluff (our newest icing that is WONDERFUL!!) and then hand-painted in a tye-dye pattern. The banners are made from modeling chocolate and the #8 is grape-flavored modeling chocolate (another request from Miss Jacie Jo). I know "grape" and "chocolate" are not two flavors you, or anyone would put together, but it works, and well, I add. It tasted like grape taffy, but just melted faster. The kids loved it!

This shows the tye-dye on the top of the cake a little better.

Jacie Jo is posing for her blog appearance.

We love you so much, silly girl! Happy birthday!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Evan's Baptism

Zach and Becca had a baptism service for Evan, which if I understand correctly is our version of a dedication service. So another cake was in order to celebrate. This is a white cake with white buttercream icing and serves about 35 to 40 people. We are so thankful for all the blessings from our heavenly Father. Every child is a gift and a blessing and we are honored to have these precious little ones. Lots of love Evan Michael!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Zoe

Zoe Jane just loves the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and sings the "hot diggety dog" song at the end.And when she's watching this show, she is in the zone. Nothing distracts her vision. The party was decorated in the usual Clubhouse colors and so was Zoe and brother Evan. The bottom tier is dark chocolate cake with buttercream icing and the top tier is red velvet and chocolate marbled with buttercream icing. The cakes were covered with something we call fluff instead of fondant. It was a last minute idea that we came up with and it worked out great.  It's easier to work with than fondant and tastes better. The Mickey Mouse ears are rice krispies covered in modeling chocolate and all other decorations are made from our modeling chocolate as well. This cake serves about 65.

Happy 2nd Birthday Zoe Jane!!! We love you very much!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Simple Happy Birthday

This cake was for several employee birthdays at a friend's business. "Just a small cake that says Happy Birthday on top" was the only instructions on this one, so simple it was. This cake served 12-14 and was a white cake with vanilla buttercream. Because of the simplicity of this cake, I chose a larger border, and couldn't resist piping on white detail on the sides and top. Thanks, Tish!

Happy Halloween AND Happy 1st Birthday, Braiden

Happy Halloween, but most important, happy first birthday, Braiden! What do the following have in common: one-year-old Braiden, a quirky ghost, tiny pumpkins, and a smiling jack-o-lantern? The answer is, they are all super cute! This Halloween birthday cake, as well as the smash cake, is yellow cake with vanilla buttercream, and serves around 35. Now, I've seen my fair share of smash cakes being grabbed, clawed, hit, poked, smeared, and thrown. The smiling jack-o-lantern smash cake was the first one I've ever seen sat on! Braiden had a ball with this cake! He had it everywhere, and a few bystanders even fell victim to a few flying balls of buttercream. I'm glad I contributed to the ingredients of making the mess instead of having to clean them up! Have fun with that, Katrina. I wish you well. Happy birthday, Braiden, and I hope you had as much fun with the cake as I did watching you play with it.

My Little Pony

Rylee is two!!! I can't believe it. Wow, how time flies! What is better than My Little Pony, right? I, personally, have loved My Little Pony since I was Rylee's age, and was very excited to see them make their rounds again with little girls today. This cake made me a little nervous, mainly because I wanted to do this classic toy justice. This cake is white cake with vanilla buttercream and serves about 35. The design on top is strictly made from buttercream, but was raised in certain areas to achieve a more 3-D look. The border is a simple shell border with pink sweet pea buds. I absolutely loved the chance to do this design, and want to wish Rylee a very happy birthday and year.