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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Princess for a Day!

This is the cake that I didn't make, well, except for the chocolate cake on top. I actually bought may ask why? Cause I forgot about this one until the day of the party. I cried because I was gonna be the one person that MESSED up a little girls celebration and I couldn't bear it. So I asked them to give me an hour or hour and a half and they did very graciously. Off I went to the grocery store, then purchased the disney princesses to decorate with and back home I went. I happened to have two 6 inch chocolate cakes already baked and so I added one to the top and iced it, trimmed it and called for them to pick up her cake. They were so good to me and I really appreciate it, you can imagine how bad I felt. Happy Birthday Lori!!! Thanks Ginny, Ginger, Kevin and Lexi!

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