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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Clayton's Wedding

Clayton was very specific on how he wanted his cake to look and ta-da! He wanted red velvet cake with cream cheese icing, houndstooth all around,except for the top layer, "A" and elephant on top. You talk about nervous...whew! It's almost like an M&M cake where each one goes on one at a time. Oh wait, there was an M&M cake and it was for Tabitha, Clayton's  first cousin. I think there's a conspiracy amongst that crew to pick out cakes with tiny details.(lol) When I mentioned that, the comment was made,'Oh we just like your company'. Ain't that sweet or what. We love ya'll too!! This cakes' decorations are all made from modeling chocolate and there are 351 houndstooth pieces on this cake. The elephant is a keepsake from his mom, Jane. Serves about 172. The wedding was gorgeous and very proud for both Clayton and Brittany. Congratulations!!!

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