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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tie-Dyed Peace Sign Cake & Cupcakes

Peace signs are so popular in our area! We've had lots of requests for them, and we try to keep each cake different from the next. We've only had one other request for a tie-dye cake, so we tried a new pattern and different colors on this one. The combination of the peace sign and tie-dye made for a unique and very cute cake. The cake is two layers of cake, one of white cake and one of dark chocolate cake, filled and iced with vanilla buttercream, and covered with white Fluff. The cake was then hand-painted with the tie-dye design and topped with a white peace sign cut out of Fluff. The writing was piped with buttercream.
This special little one (she'd correct me if she knew I referred to her as "little one"), now a big eight-year-old, had some friends stay over the night before her party, and of course they needed something for that night, as well. One dozen cupcakes, a mixture of white and dark chocolate cake, were iced with lavender and yellow vanilla buttercream, and topped with sugar sparkles to mimic the tie-dye pattern on the cake.
The cake fed about 40, and of course the cupcakes fed 12. We had a ball making this cake for Maggie, and can't wait to see what design she comes up with for her next birthday. Happy 8th birthday, Maggie. Holly and Aunt Z love you very much!

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