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Thursday, January 5, 2012

And we have a winner...

Thanks, guys for playing along with the M&M guesses. It was so fun to see the range of guesses and we were floored with the number of people that put in their guess. Since we didn't actually say whether you could go over the number of M&M's we used or not, we decided to reward both the closest without going over, and the closest that did go just over. We actually used a staggering 2,133 M&M's on Tabitha and Warren's wedding cake, which were all placed on by hand one at a time. So, without stalling any longer, the winners are: Shelia Traweek, with a guess of 2,035, and Millie Miller, with our closest guess of 2,196. Thank you girls, and we'll be in touch! We hope you enjoy the cupcakes!

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