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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Carson's Dinosaur Cake

Carson's first birthday, WOW! What a great birthday party! Cory and Kimberly had everything decorated so nicely. Carson's cake was a yellow cake with buttercream icing with a small amount of modeling chocolate for detail. The cake served about 74 people while Carson had his own dinosaur egg to smash into. Ain't he just so cute?!!! Presents galore, good food, and dinosaurs...what more could a one year old ask for. Great job Cory and Kimberly and Happy Birthday Carson! We love you so much!!!!


  1. Can you tell me how you made the Triceratops cake? I am wondering what cake pans you used for each of his parts. Thanks so very much. Alycia

  2. It has been a while, but if I remember correctly, we used all sheet cakes. We stacked them to the height we needed, and carved away. We saved our cut-off pieces, because some were big enough for us to use for his legs. Don't worry about getting it precise with cake, because the icing will fill smaller gaps. I hope I've been help, and if you have any further questions, let us know. Happy baking!

  3. Is that regular icing or did you use fondant for the frill and horns? That cake looks awesome BTW! My son wants a triceratops cake for his birthday coming up.