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Monday, March 29, 2010

Pink Homerun

This was our first request for an all-pink baseball themed cake. Layn loves baseball, but is a girly-girl, too, so this batting helmet in all pink, was perfect for her 7th birthday. And who don't love a chocolate chip cookie topped in delicious buttercream? All together, the cookie and cake fed 70-75 (cookie-40; cake-30-35). We hope you enjoyed your cake and cookie, and have a wonderful birthday, Layn. Thanks, Stephanie!


  1. I have been looking everywhere.... What cake pan did you use for the helmet cake???

  2. We actually didn't use a pan. Most of our cakes are carved freehand. Even the hole on the side of the helmet was carved with a knife, and iced on the inside. Some of them are a little tricky, but the end result is definitely worth it!

  3. It looks so realistic. Maybe I can get one for my birthday!