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Friday, January 22, 2010

Alabama Football Groom's Cake

This cake is a different one for us, because it was a request for yellow cake and chocolate buttercream instead of the usual white cake and vanilla buttercream. This Alabama football is for a very special day for Piercie and Jamie -- their wedding. It's two-layers, serves about 35 people, and is topped with stripes, laces, and an Alabama "A" all made with our homemade fondant. We wish the young couple the best, and we hope you have a wonderful day.


  1. I LOVE IT!!!!!!! I love yall! Thank yall soo much!!


  2. You're very welcome. We wish ya'll a long happy life together as husband and wife and as best friends.

  3. I'm looking for an Alabama grooms cake, I really like this design. Are you located in the Huntsville area?

  4. Thanks for the compliment, but no, we're located in Fayette County, which is more western Alabama. Sorry it took a while a while to respond, so feel free to send your questions to us at for a quicker response.